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The Land and Ocean

There is pull inside me which naturally seeks vast, seemingly empty landscapes, where the eye searches for an end without an end in sight. The look of the earth’s surface, the visual experience of shifting land, by the certainties of the seasons and the winds, preoccupy my mind. I watch the quick changes of structures and interventions by humans invariably short-lived, fragile, built with no promises from time.

I am captivated and absorbed too, by the ocean’s repetitive life, at once subtle and extreme; the powerful and literal fullness, its linear existence, a loneliness and its fecund nature alive underneath the surface, remaining mostly hidden.

Here, on Fogo Island, my inner life has finally found a mirror to a part of my soul that had not its reflection before. Time past and present surround me.  

With patient observance of land and ocean, I am witness to nature that constantly reshapes and re-defines beauty.

“Keefe’s labored paintings are made in long vast series. She makes “the same” painting over and over again for, it seems, years. The “result” of making work in this manner is actually in the process. That is like prayer or physical exercise; power-accumulation of energy- is created by the momentum of an almost compulsive ritual, repetitive activity. (But what is painting in part, but a compulsive activity?)”


Tom Collins, Albuquerque Journal, July 2004

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